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What is FuneralWishList?

If you were to die tomorrow, do you wish ....

  • To be cremated or buried?
  • Your ashes be scattered in a special place?
  • For specific songs to be played at your funeral?
  • To be buried/cremated in a specific outfit?
  • For a viewing before your funeral?
  • For religion to play a part in your funeral?

Do you have a large family and are concerned that different members will have different ideas with respect to planning your funeral?

Are you comfortable leaving the burden of making such decisions to those left behind, on top of the bereavement pain they will suffer when you’re gone?

FuneralWishList.com is an innovative online funeral planning tool. Members funeral preferences are accessible to nominated family and friends. The site is aimed at eliminating the burden left to loved ones, who (on top of the shock of bereavement) would otherwise face the incredible emotional stress of having to make all the tough personal decisions when planning your funeral. It also aims to reduce family feuds and bickering, which regularly occurs when different family members have strong opposing views when planning a funeral for a loved one.

We have members from countries around the world such as the UK, France, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia currently using our website.

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  • Standard Membership entitles you to create a profile account, complete & save your answers to our standard questionnaire, nominate a ‘next-of-kin’, and the ability to be a ‘contact’ to other FuneralWishList Premium Members.
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Premium Membership

  • PREMIUM Memberships to FuneralWishList can be purchased for less than AUD$10 per year!
  • In addition to creating a user profile, completing and saving your requests to our standard questionnaire, Premium Members also have access to our ‘contacts’ network (allows your nominated friends & family to have read only access to your questionnaire responses), can store up to 50 pictures on your profile & writing final notes/messages to your loved ones.
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